Revive Ministries UK


the week at a glance

Each week, we come in on a Monday and begin prayer walking on-site, meeting people and sharing the gospel. That will continue daily.

We believe that when Revival comes, it hits every generation. On Thursday afternoon, we have a FREE Family event called FX to engage with local youth & children. We will have a great time playing games, being loud & messy and connecting with new friends.

Friday and Saturday evenings are the main open-air evangelistic events. Each night has an energetic Scottish feel as we worship together and hear a clear simple Gospel message giving attendees the opportunity to say

“Jesus Christ is King.”

UK Discipleship Resource Site

We have launched as a resource for followers of Jesus throughout the UK. Our desire is to see every believer encouraged, edified and empowered for life with Jesus both in their personal lives and in their local church!

This tour is partly inspired by the prophecy from 1967 by Jean Darnall with the fires lit from the top of Scotland to the bottom.